Subscription fee
Lite Standard Pro
Session fee
Participant entries per cycle Lite Standard Pro
First 25 ea ea ea
26 - 100 ea ea ea
101+ ea ea ea
Session fees are always post-hoc: researchers will not see a session fee bill until the participant data have been downloaded from a completed session.
Payment fee
Flat rate
Only applies if participants are paid directly via FindingFive.
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Paid subscriptions come with advanced collaboration features, more storage for files, and lower session fee rates.
Lite Standard Pro
No upfront cost: just Sign Up A quick upgrade A powerful upgrade
Bang for your buck
Session fee exemption for the first N participant entries per monthly subscription cycle 0 25 100
Session fee charged for each participant entry after exemption quota ea ea ea
Adding Plus 1s to your subscription at a significantly discounted rate NA ea/mo
Getting started easily
Access to all features of the powerful FindingFive study grammar
Professional support from trained psychologists with PhDs
Full integration with Amazon Mechanical Turk
Easy access to securely stored participant data
All study materials, including audio and video stimuli, on our cloud server for 24/7 availability
Storage capacity for uploading image, audio, and video stimulus files, and consent form PDFs 200MB 500MB 1000MB
Running participants
Launching multiple active sessions of different studies (e.g., for multi-part studies)
Scheduling a FindingFive session for immediate launch
Scheduling an MTurk session for immediate launch
Launch priority of a scheduled MTurk session Hourly window 15-min window ASAP
Collaboration features
Adding collaborators to studies 2 per study Unlimited Unlimited
Transfer the ownership of a study to collaborators
Delegating the launch of new sessions to collaborators
Data Privacy and Safety (Read more)
SSL-encrypted transmission of participant data during collection (aka, "encryption in transit")
Secure storage of participant data in password-protected databases behind strong firewalls
GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy governing the collection, storage, and use of personal data
Keeping participant data encrypted in our databases (aka, "encryption at rest")
Custom agreements (e.g., HIPAA Business Associate Agreements, Data Processing Agreements)
Cancellation policy: subscriptions can be canceled anytime, but we'd love your support when there are no conference deadlines too. A canceled subscription stays in effect for the remaining term that has been paid in full. There are no refunds on canceled subscriptions.