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Just Research Studies
We host research studies that investigate how people use language, see the world, and make choices. Your participation provides invaluable input for informing research directions and outcomes.
Verified Researchers
Not everyone can be a researcher on FindingFive. We only allow researchers supervised by participant protection bodies on our platform, so you can rest assured that your data are in trusted hands.
100% Voluntary Participation
Participation in any research study is completely voluntary. That means whenever you don't feel comfortable continuing, even in the middle of a study, just stop. Your well-being is our top-priority.
Tech Nonprofit
FindingFive is a registered US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to power online behavioral research with technology. We listen to you and our researchers, not investors looking to make $$$.
Reliable Payment (if applicable)
For studies that offer a cash reward, we will send the payout to you via PayPal within 2 business days after you complete the study. All you need to do is link a PayPal account with an established history.
Positive Feedback (coming soon)
For those who have proven to be reliable and diligent participants, our platform will offer early access to future study opportunities. Your hard work is appreciated and valued by our community.
So nerdy that it's intuitive
Create a study by using academic terms that are already familiar to you (e.g., blocks, trials, and stimuli). Our study grammar knows exactly what they mean to you, and builds the exact study that you want.
Rich variety of collectible data
Record audio responses, track mouse movements, take a picture using the camera, and collect standard responses such as 2AFC, rating, or a blob of text. Our grammar can already do so much and is ever expanding.
Launch a passcode-protected study open to only students from your institution. Invite them through teaching platforms (e.g., Blackboard), and get real-time updates on completion status to award course credits.
Built-in Payment System
Expand your sample by recruiting directly from the public. A cash reward is required in such cases, and will be securely distributed by PayPal. Our low fees maximize the utility of your hard-fought grant funding.
Multi-part Study Support
Use prerequisites to require participants to complete Part 1 of a study before they attempt Part 2. You can even infinitely chain prerequisites to create multi-part studies. Amazing, right?
Get the Right Participants
Easily set up exclusion criteria for your study to target just the right participants. In 2022, we will soon debut our own participant pool to allow researchers to filter participants based on demographics.
Participant Data in CSV
Download participant data organized in a sensible CSV format after collection. Audio and image files are included in zip archive for any multi-media responses. No reinventing the wheel here.
Colleague-like Support & Help
Get help from our Research Workflow team whenever you run into issues. Our volunteers are academically trained in psychology, linguistics, and other behavioral sciences, most with a doctoral degree or about to get one.
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